Tonnie Wolfe works from her home studio in Edmonds, Washington, where she enjoys spending time in nature. From the beautiful gardens surrounding her home to the scenic landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, there is no lack of inspiration for her art.


Although coming to art later in life, Tonnie has always enjoyed creativity. She started with fantastical mudpies and elaborate role playing in childhood. Encouraged by her grandmother and aunt, she learned to sew in junior high. Sewing became a creative outlet for many years. As her children grew up, she gradually moved away from practical sewing to more imaginative applications of surface design, free-motion and computerized machine embroidery.


The journey to her current interests occurred over several years. A sabbatical from her 'day job' as a nurse allowed Tonnie to explore the use of the computer as an art tool. Fellow artists in Edmonds introduced her to acrylics and experimentation. She is currently investigating the integration of digital painting, acrylics, metals and machine embroidery into experimental mixed media and mixed media embroidery.